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What distinguishes us [scientists] from the pious and the believers is not the quality but the quantity of belief and piety; we are contented with less. But if the former should challenge us: then be contented and appear to be contented! - then we might easily reply: 'We are, indeed, not among the least contented.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Muslim Nazis

This cartoon was posted on a popular Islamic website. It illustrates the feeble intellect that cripples much of the Muslim youth. Last week, whilst on a train, we were subjected to the anti-Semitism that Islam breeds in the minds of its followers. Pakistani young men shouted racial/anti-Semitic remarks, whilst hurling stones at our train. This was because they suspected an elderly couple sitting next to me of being Jewish. For nearly ten minutes they chanted support for Hitler …Nazis with brown faces, what an irony!


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