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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Victory To The Islamofascists...

Surprise, surprise! The UIC continues to expand…

Eyewitnesses in Hobyo (a port on Somalia's central coastline)
said they saw heavily armed UIC militiamen move in at dawn, without any fighting. The UIC, predictably, has denied these reports.

"We did not capture it but we reached the people of Hobyo to bring them our message of peace," an Islamic officer who wanted to remain anonymous told AFP news agency.

"First, the Islamist army technicals surrounded the town, then they sent an envoy to negotiate, before their entry was accepted," local leader Hussein Jimale told Reuters news agency.

Failed states seal their demise when extra-national militias fill the vacuum in providing order and security, as in this case, and with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Lebanese government should take note.

Earlier Wednesday, Islamist officials said around 100 government troops, along with seven battlewagons, crossed into their territory overnight from near the temporary government seat of Baidoa.

"The militiamen communicated with Al-bayan Islamic court in Mogadishu and said they wanted to join our holy effort to bring peace to the Somali people," said court chairman Mohamed Ali Bilal.

"They are ideologically uncomfortable with the government and also claim to have been mistreated,"

"I pray Allah will give his courage to the remaining soldiers in Baidoa to see the true realities of Somalia, I hope they will all join us," Bilal said.


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