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What distinguishes us [scientists] from the pious and the believers is not the quality but the quantity of belief and piety; we are contented with less. But if the former should challenge us: then be contented and appear to be contented! - then we might easily reply: 'We are, indeed, not among the least contented.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Leaving Islam

Thousands have left Islam behind along with other childish beliefs from FatherChristmas to the Tooth Fairy. A few courageous souls have not only resistedthe "irresistible" but braving family and friends, social ostracism, mobviolence, and state assassinations and executions, have also come out ofthe closet, and have made their unbelief a matter of public record: SalmanRushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali,Taslima Nasrin, Anwar Shaikh, Ali Sina, Mahmoud,Syed Mirza Ali, Mohsen, to name some of them.

I wish to encourageex-Muslims to declare themselves, to liberate themselves, to make them takeconscience of the fact that there are many who think like them, and who havetaken the same lonely road to rationalism, and humanism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Yasmin

My pseudonym is Fowsi. I am from Somalia and tried to contact with you. However, your blog does not contain your contact information. I am secular and freethinker. I do not belong to any religion, as I see myself. I can describe myself as an agnostic.

The reason that I am trying to contact with you is to ask you whether we can create a blog or website for Somali freethinkers. This is not to imply to reveal our identities. Rather it is to create a network between the growing Somali seculars, Atheists, agnostics and non-theists.

My email is:


9:56 pm  
Anonymous International Flower Delivery said...

nice writing. hope world be more peaceful.

8:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there I'm also an agnostic/atheist Somali when it comes to believing in a deity, due to the simple reason that after critically analyzing the statements and claims stipulated in the quran and hadiths, it has become clear that its just another man made religion...

it would be brilliant if there was some kind of forum where open minded freethinking Somalis could socialize and share their opinions.

Kay from the UK (somali)

10:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just wondered if you're on councilofexmuslims forum there are a few ex muslim somalis there join us.

My nic on there is Xiis.

7:25 am  

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